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LFLS 005: Grower’s Spotlight with Richard Wilder

For episode 005, we are visiting with Paiute Elder Richard Wilder from the Fort Independence Paiute Tribe. We sat down at the Community Garden in Independence, CA that he has been maintaining for the past 11 years. Richard shares knowledge, stories and wisdom from his time growing up on the reservation among his elders, moving […]

LFLS 004: Talking Water With Paiute Elder Harry Williams and “Paya: The Movie” with Jenna Cavelle and Chris Morrow

Show Notes for LFLS 004: This show is about the issue of Water Access, specifically focusing on the water issues in the Owens Valley of California. For those who don’t know, the history of the Owens Valley is one of conflict and confrontation, some would also argue collusion of government entities with the City of […]

LFLS 003: 2015 Tribal Food Sovereignty Summit Part 3 of 3

Thanks for listening! Here are the show notes for LFLS 003: This is the final episode of interviews gathered at the Tribal Food Sovereignty Summit hosted by the Oneida Nation, outside of Green Bay, Wisconsin in the fall of 2015. Interview w Dr. Elizabeth Hoover, Ph.D. (32 min) Assistant Professor of American Studies and Ethnic […]

LFLS 002: 2015 Tribal Food Sovereignty Summit Part 2 of 3

Show Notes for our interview with Dan Cornelius of the InterTribal Agriculture Council What is Food Sovereignty and why does it matter? Assistance Provided by InterTribal Agriculture Council (IAC) [3:30-4:10] IAC works across 17 different agencies within USDA; each does something different; IAC brings them together to help the tribal food producer navigate the opportunties. […]

LFLS 001: 2015 Tribal Food Sovereignty Summit Part 1 of 3

WELCOME TO LIVE FROM LEGENDARY SKIES RADIO SHOW Thank you for checking us out! For this episode, our first podcast, we are talking with Bob Gough at the 2015 Tribal Food Sovereignty Summit in Green Bay, Wisconsin, hosted by the Oneida Nation. This is part-one of a three-part series covering the 2015 Tribal Food Sovereignty […]