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Haga nuugwa? Who are we?



Greetings, we are thrilled to welcome you to the online platform for Legendary Skies Enterprises, LLC.  Our founders have traveled across the country and internationally seeking out new opportunities to bring home for our people.  We hope to share some of those moments with you thru this website.  With Legendary Skies Enterprises, we aim to become a model of independence and sustainability for a new economy.  Help us shift the dominant paradigm that more is better, bigger is best and profits prevail over people. Our unique blend of cultural, eco-tourism will open your heart and mind to a brighter vision of tomorrow in a world where so much darkness speaks loudest.  Here at LSE, we prioritize People, protect the Planet and generate Profit, in that order.  If it doesn’t contribute to a better you and a healthier environment, we aren’t into it.  Join our vision.  Learn about our history and become our partner in changing the world, one person at a time.

Live From Legendary Skies
Finally, on the tabs above you will find links to a brand new podcast called “Live From Legendary Skies” where we share interviews ans discussions about the most pressing issues in Indian Country and beyond, with a special emphasis on health and wellness, sustainable living and the arts.
“We strive to highlight those people and issues that are prime examples of health, wellness, arts and excellence in Indian Country.”- Kris Hohag, Founder/CEO of Legendary Skies Enterprises, LLC

About Our Founder:

About Our Founder:

Manahuu, ee-nania-nay Kristopher Kwati-tatsinoba Hohag. Some of you may know me as Kwaz.

I’m a citizen of the Bishop Paiute Tribe, a Sovereign Tribal Nation located in the spectacular Owens Valley/Eastern Sierra region of California. My name in the Paiute/Numa language means “shooting star.” I come from a lineage of educators, healers, and community leaders. Strong, sharp, intelligent women and men.

Raised in Bishop, California on and off the Bishop Paiute Reservation, I graduated Bishop Union High School and have degrees from the University of California, Irvine (Class of 2006, Bachelors in Sociology) and the University of Washington (Class of 2008, Masters of Education). I also served on the Bishop Paiute Tribal Council from 2013-2015.

I consider myself a humble human being, who is dedicated to relearning the ways of our ancestors, our language and cultivating a strong, reverent relationship to the land based on respect and interdependence. I am a writer, a recording artist and an educator. I believe there are many good things to come…Let’s work toether to create a strong future for all.

Services Provided

  • Motivational Speaking
  • Hip Hop/Spoken Word Poetry Performance
  • Writing and Performance Workshops for Youth
  • Event Faciliation and Emcee
  • Tribal Tours of the Eastern Sierra

Values, Intentions and Motives

  • Educate The Masses Through Entertainment and Unforgettable Experiences
  • Network and Build with Grassroots People
  • Partner with and Support Local/Independent Business and Organizations
  • Advocate for Language Revitalization Through Today’s Culture
  • Build Strong Nations by Example
  • Sovereignty Starts with Self: Mind, Body, Spirit
  • Entrepreneurship is Indigenous
  • Heal The People. Heal The Planet


We envision an economy which is sustainable for our planet and respects our unique assets as a people and truly values our natural world.  An economy that allows our people to earn a living, yet respects all life and understands that we are not here to take all we can while here, but to somehow leave the world better than we found it. An economy where it is actually an incentive for employment when you know your tribal history, speak your native language and know your traditional cultural ways.  To be proud of your home.  To learn and teach others respect.  To honor our ancestors.  To help one another connect to something real and greater than ourselves.  To share who we are and why we care so much for the place we call home.  This is our vision.  To connect to your heart and share something real in this land we call home.

Payahuunadu, home of the Nuumu people.