At Legendary Skies Enterprises, LLC we strive to be a model of wellness, prosperity and sustainability for indigenous communities.  Our unique blend of social enterprises provide jobs thru local indigenous cultural eco-tourism, as well as land and water restoration work, while offering specialized trainings and career development opportunities to our staff and partners. Combined with dynamic motivational speakers and top notch event production, LSE is a captivating organization making a lasting impact in Indian Country.

With a motto of

“Learn Something Everyday”

LSE is sure to bring the energy and tools to inspire and motivate at your next event. 

Our Values, Motives and Intentions

Educate The Masses

Through Entertainment and

Unforgettable Experiences

Network and Build with Grassroots People

Partner with and Support Local/Independent Business and Organizations

Advocate for Language Revitalization Through Today’s Culture

Build Strong Nations by Example

Sovereignty Starts with Self: Mind, Body, Spirit

Entrepreneurship is Indigenous

Heal The People. Heal The Planet

Meet Our Team

Kris Hohag, LSE FOUNDER/CEO - Artist, Educator, Speaker

Kris Hohag, LSE FOUNDER/CEO - Artist, Educator, Speaker

Kris Hohag is an educator, artist and native of the Owens Valley. Raised in Bishop as a citizen of the Bishop Paiute Tribe,

Kris received his Bachelors degree in Sociology from the University of California, Irvine and his Master’s in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Washington. His work has focused on language revitalization, youth leadership development, outdoor education and building bridges between diverse cultures to unite over our common love of water and land.

A University and Rez-educated scholar and organizer, he initially built a solid reputation by working as a teacher in local schools and mentoring at-risk youth in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern Sierra. Over time and by example, he has proven to be an influential community voice while honing his chops as an entrepreneur and artist.

Kris has worked with every tribal organization on his reservation serving Indian people across such central topics as education, economic development, language and culture, healthcare, and governance. He served a two year term on the Bishop Paiute Tribal Council, acting as Vice Chairman during 2014-2015. He currently sits on the Board of Directors for the local clinic in his community, Toiyabe Indian Health Project, as well as a rep for the statewide California Rural Indian Health Board.

Several key projects he spearheaded or played a vital role in locally include the Bishop Tribal Youth Council; the Bishop Paiute Tribe’s Community Radio Station: KBPT 96.1 LPFM; the Eastern Sierra Writing Circle and Collective Language, a youth-oriented, monthly open mic and live show to build community and showcase local talent at the Wunut Novi Youth Media Arts Center.

He is a founding member of the Payahuunadu Alliance, a grassroots family of stewards comprised of diverse voices united around a great love for the lands east of the Sierras known as Payahuunadu and choosing to honor and respect the perspectives of the indigenous original peoples as our guiding forces leading to protection of the natural world for our future generations to experience and benefit from.

Meryl Picard, Youth Advocate. Public Speaker. Educator. Trainer. Group Facilitator

Meryl Picard, Youth Advocate. Public Speaker. Educator. Trainer. Group Facilitator

Meryl is an enrolled member of the Bishop Paiute tribe and currently resides and works on the Bishop reservation. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from the University of Montana and has over ten years of professional experience working with indigenous communities. It has been her professional goal to work with and help better the lives of those who are disenfranchised and disempowered, especially the young people in indigenous communities.

She is an instructor for Native Financial Education from the Neighbor Works Training Institute. She also has received a Master Trainer Certificate through Brad Worthley International. Through her professional career, she has experience leading and managing front line staff as well as developing and maintaining grant requirements, managing the funding for such projects and the ongoing implementation of those grants for various programs.

Growing up, she attended an All-Indian boarding school, Sherman Indian High School in Riverside, CA. She has always been very active in Native American programs. She was a participant in the Washington Internships for Native American Students (WINS) in Washington, DC in 2006. She was also a member of the American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL) and has been an Advisor to the Bishop Tribal Youth Council, an active chapter of the United National Indian Tribal Youth (UNITY) organization.

Kin-sin-ta Joseph, Artist/Trainer

Joselyn Kelley, Speaker and Marketing Coordinator

We envision an economy which is sustainable for our planet and respects our unique assets as a people and truly values our natural world.  An economy that allows our people to earn a living, yet respects all life and understands that we are not here to take all we can while here, but to somehow leave the world better than we found it. An economy where it is actually an incentive for employment when you know your tribal history, speak your native language and know your traditional cultural ways.  To be proud of your home.  To learn and teach others respect.  To honor our ancestors.  To help one another connect to something real and greater than ourselves.  To share who we are and why we care so much for the place we call home.  This is our vision.  To connect to your heart and share something real in this land we call home.

Payahuunadu, home of the Nuumu people.